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Confidence & Esteem

Confidence is linked with the external world and how others see us, how we present ourselves and what we achieve. Self-esteem, however, is the opinion we have of ourselves, deep inside.

Self-confidence is understanding that you trust your own judgment and abilities, and that you value yourself and feel worthy, regardless of any imperfections or of what others may believe about you.

Low self-esteem may lead you to view life in a negative way. You might think you are worthless, and have difficulty saying what you really feel, or you may lack the confidence to be assertive. As a result you may feel that people take advantage of you and treat you badly.

Low self-esteem issues typically begin in childhood. People of influence such as our parents, siblings, friends, celebrities and the media can send us positive and negative messages about ourselves.

Low self-esteem can often present itself in one of three patterns:

Imposter Syndrome: A person exaggerates, uses accomplishments or false confidence to mask their insecurities. 

Rebellion: A person pretends they don't care what others think of them. Their feelings of inferiority may manifest as anger. 

Victimhood: A person believes they are helpless in the face of challenges. They may use self-pity to avoid changing their situation.  

Some simple techniques to improve confidence and esteem

Recognise what you're good at. 
Build positive relationships with people who are positive and who appreciate you.

Be kind to yourself.

Learn to be assertive and start saying "no".

Give yourself a challenge. Setting a goal and achieving it will help to increase your self-esteem.

How can counselling help me?

Counselling allows you the time to discuss your feelings and concerns, relating to negative thoughts you may have about yourself. Once identified we can then challenge these beliefs and work on more positive strategies and techniques to achieve a far healthier outlook on your personal life.

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